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Hand-crafted by Frater Phoebus in partnership with Eschaton Oasis O.T.O.


Oil of Abramelin is a staple of modern ceremonial magickal practice, taking its name from its appearance in influential 15th century grimoire "The Book of Abramelin" and rooted in the "holy anointing oil" described in the book of Exodus.  Its formulation follows the recipe given by Aleister Crowley, provided in his notes to The Book of the Law.  


Crowley summarises the oil’s use in Magick – “it is that which consecrates him to the performance of the Great Work; and such is its efficacy that it also consecrates all the furniture of the Temple and the instruments thereof."


Handle with caution - causes irritation in contact with skin.

Dr. Crowley's Oil of Abramelin

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