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Document Versions

The list below specifies the current version of each document, so those with outdated copies can recognize and correct this problem. Officers of New Zealand OTO local bodies, chartered initiators, and others having need for official forms and documents may obtain them through the usual official channels.



OTO International Bylaws, 2008

International Camp, Oasis and Lodge Master’s Handbook, Spring Equinox, 2002 e.v.

Local Body Master’s Handbook, OTONZ, 5 March 2023

Local Body Web Policies, OTONZ, April 2020

Bad Report and Expulsion Process, OTONZ, March 2018 e.v.



International O.T.O. / E.G.C. Manual, August 30, 1996 e.v.




Initiator Documents


Initiator Checklist, Version 6, 29 January 2023

IHQ Initiation Report Form, No version


0° - III° Annotated Rituals International Version, Spring An. IViv (May 1996 e.v.)

including a Safety Memorandum, chants & music recommendation.

Fourth Degree Ritual, Winter An IViii

Perfect Initiate Ritual, Winter An IViii

Knight / Dame Knight of East and West Ritual, Winter An IViii

V° Ritual

Senate Knight / Dame of the Red Eagle, Spring An IViv.

VI° Ritual, 10/26/2001

Grand Inquisitor Commander Ritual, Draft Version An V 0.

Prince or Princess of the Royal Secret Ritual, 2014


Initiation Application Forms


Application for Advancement, O.T.O. Form C/1, Rev. IVa, Summer IVx

I° Application and Pledge-Form, O.T.O. Form B/1, Rev. IVa, Summer IVx

Preliminary Pledge-Form and Application for Admission, O.T.O. Form A/1, NZV1, 2018


Study Guides, OTONZ, Nov 2023

Includes study guides from Minerval - P.I.


Letters to Candidates for Initiation, OTONZ, 2019

Letter to candidate – Minerval through to Rose Croix.

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