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Thelema Dating System

Today's date is

This is an example of how a Thelemic date is written; it includes the position of the Sun and Moon, the day, and year.  

The Thelemic calendar celebrates the reception of the Book of the Law and the dawning of a New Aeon.  It helps us to tune in to the phases of the Sun and Moon each day assisting us to bring their light and joy into our lives.

The positions of the Sun and Moon are presented per the tropical zodiac. The day of the week may be presented in their Latin names which correspond to the characteristic planets of the days, as follows:

Sunday = Dies Solis
Monday = Dies Lunae
Tuesday = Dies Martis
Wednesday = Dies Mercurii
Thursday = Dies Jovis
Friday = Dies Veneris
Saturday = Dies Saturnii

The year is counted from 1904 e.v. (era vulgaris, meaning the common era), when The Book of the Law was received.


Rather than simply giving the year count from 1904, the year is presented in a count of 22 years periods from that time, plus the remainding years up to 22, e.g. if considering April 2024 = there are 120 years.  Divide this by 22 = 5 (or V in Roman numerals) + 16 (xvi).  So it will be written An V:xvi.

Also, the New Year starts at the instant of the northern-hemisphere Vernal Equinox, coinciding with the Thelemic holiday called the Feast for the Equinox of the Gods.

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