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Abundant Joy

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

I’m fishing around for something inspirational to say as part of our new series, a Monthly Message to Members. I can only think to say, that after 35 years in the Order, I myself continue to be inspired by the Gnostic Mass. And - good news! - the Gnostic Mass is the theme of happenings at Kantharos Oasis for 2023, e.v..

I had the good fortune to participate as Deacon in December and, once again, the mass proved a vehicle for gnosis with the Gods deigning to shine their light upon us. In truth, it seems we need only turn up, for the Mass to work through us and for us; Crowley’s text being so inspired.

It’s an inspiration that causes the congregation to linger and chat, even when we don’t provide wine and cheese!

The words of the Deacon sprang to life – because of their poetry and sentiment. If we don’t speed through them, as we sadly often do in the Mass, we have the space to read the words afresh:

“Be the hour auspicious, and the gate of life open in peace and in well-being, so that she that beareth children may rejoice, and the babe catch life with both hands.”

My brother had died in November, so “The End,” stuck in my throat, lacking nothing in meaning at this important time for me, and my family:

“Unto them from whose eyes the veil of life hath fallen may there be granted the accomplishment of their true Wills; whether they will absorption in the Infinite, or to be united with their chosen and preferred, or to be in contemplation, or to be at peace, or to achieve the labour and heroism of incarnation on this planet or another, or in any Star, or aught else, unto them may there be granted the accomplishment of their wills; yea, the accomplishment of their wills.”

Relevant – that’s how I feel about the Mass. Because I do believe in one Earth, the Mother of us all, and in one Womb wherein all men are begotten, and wherein they shall rest, Mystery of Mystery, in Her name BABALON. And I do believe in the Miracle of the Mass, etc.

I marvel that I continue to have fresh insights and inspiration (truthfully, I can remember perhaps twice this hasn’t been the case); and that we are still finding ways to bring innovation to our roles, while adhering to the script.

Did you know the word “Joy” appears 11 times in the Gnostic Mass.

“Lord secret and most holy, source of light, source of life, source of love, source of liberty, be thou ever constant and mighty within us, force of energy, fire of motion; with diligence let us ever labour with thee, that we may remain in thine abundant joy.”

It appears 19 times in the Law is for All; 48 times in the Holy Books together, so definitely an important word for us in this aeon of Horus.

“Is there not joy ineffable in this aimless winging?”

- Liber 65 II:24

We have a lovely Mass set up here in Auckland, albeit humble. It is thrown together in a flurry an hour or two prior by our dedicated Mass mules at our hired hall. We add beautiful accoutrement as we can, such as our newly gilded Lance, that is just gorgeous.

We have four Masses planned this year, to culminate in a “Fourfold Adorations” weekend – four masses, with teams from four cities, locally and international. I hope you will come to all of them and be similarly inspired.

“There is joy in the setting-out; there is joy in the journey; there is joy in the goal.”

- Liber 90 0:22


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