Gnostic Mass

Picture of the altar

The Gnostic Mass is a beautiful ritual that celebrates the mysteries of Thelema and OTO.  It is a magical rite that exemplifies the union of the individual Soul with the Absolute, culminating in a eucharistic sacrament embodying Life and Joy.  The Mass is a recognition of every person’s inherent sacredness, and so glorifies the identification of the Self with the Divine.

Aleister Crowley wrote the Gnostic Mass in 1913 while in Moscow.  In many ways it is similar in structure to the Mass of the Roman Catholic Church.  However, the comparison ends there, as the Mass is a celebration of the principles of Thelema.  It is a eucharistic ritual, and congregants are expected to “communicate” by partaking of the sacrament, which involves consuming a Cake of Light and drinking a glass of wine (water is also available), and then proclaiming, “There is no part of me that is not of the gods.”

The officers do not act as mediators between congregants and their god(s), but rather illustrate a process by which anyone may come to their own direct knowledge (gnosis) of the divine.  No part of the Mass requires devotion to any individual, historical or mythological, nor belief in any supernatural event.  The Mass does not include a sermon or any ethical instructions beyond the summary of the Law of Thelema, which is “Do what thou wilt.”

To attend a Gnostic Mass, please contact us for times in your area.