Make a regular donation

Existing solely for charitable purposes, Ordo Templi Orientis New Zealand is set up as a Charitable Trust and registered with the Charities Commission (Charity No.   CC33051).

You may like to consider making a regular donation to the New Zealand OTO, as some of us do. 

Donations monies are able to be accounted for regionally, otherwise will go into the general fund.  At year end, donations attract a 1/3 non-taxable refund from the Inland Revenue Department. 

The account detail for your automatic payment is:

The Ordo Templi Orientis NZ Trust
Bank of New Zealand account number:  020 100 0481032 00. 

Please reference your name (and local body if that is your preference) so that receipt can be made.

Leave a legacy

Leave something that will live on after you!

It is easy to include a charity in your will and it can be for as much or as little as you want.

Most bequests are made by ordinary people who want to make a positive difference to their community and other people’s lives after they’ve gone.

If you don’t have a Will

A will is the only way for you to say how your money should be used after your death.  It is an important legal document so ideally should be prepared by a legal professional.
If you would like to include a bequest in your existing Will, you can make a simple modification by adding a codicil (or supplement).
It is important the wording is checked by a legal advisor to make sure it reflects your wishes clearly, giving specific guidance on how you want your assets and personal belongings distributed when you die.
You may choose to leave your bequest freely, so that the OTO can apply the funds in the areas where it is needed most, or you can specify where you would like the funds to be spent.
Tell your family and friends
Speak to your family and friends about your decision, so they can support the achievement of your charitable goals when the time comes.  
You can let us know about the bequest
It is up to you whether you us or not, but it is helpful for us to have this information so we can thank you in your lifetime.
Deciding to tell us about your bequest can also be a good thing if your Will is challenged. If we’re in a position to demonstrate that we have a relationship with you, your wishes are less likely to be amended by the court.
Strictest confidence guaranteed
Any bequest inquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence and we will respect your wishes if you choose to remain anonymous.
Every gift in a will, regardless of type or size, is gratefully accepted. If you have any questions about the type or amount of your gift, please feel free to us for a confidential discussion.