God names used in the Holy Books of Thelema

Nov 2015

An extract from A Concordance to the Holy Books of Thelema by Colin Campbell  

A Chat with Frater Asharath

Frater Asharath's OTO journey began when he contacted Sr Egeria - a kiwi girl working for Hymenaeus Alpha in the US.  After a short while, Sr Egeria returned to New Zealand in the early '80s to begin initiations in Australia.

To download an interesting 20 minute chat with "the old man," click on the link below [filesize 18MB].

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Cynthia Cross guest talk on Thelema NOW!

July 2015

In June 2015, Frater Superior's Representative for New Zealand, Cynthia Crosse was a guest on Thelema Now.  Here she talks about her lecture at the North American Centennary celebrations of the OTO held in Vancouver earlier this year in anticipation of a book she is researching on Leila Waddell.

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Bernard F. Page

In March 1913, The Tango Song was published in the Equinox Vol I, No 9 within a sketch by Aleister Crowley called, "The Tango."   The music was written by Bernard F. Page who went on to move to New Zealand becoming the Wellington City Organist for 19 years and eventually settling in Auckland.  The New Zealand National Library holds two further scores …

Just a thought

Chris O’Connor
September 2014

You can't deny the magick of music. 

First steps...

Fr Ascendas - Kantharos Lodge Master
August 2014

One of my favourite parts of the Gnostic Mass as a Priest is the first step.  This part for me is one of the most profound. First steps in general can be uncertain, awkward or even wobbly.  Our parents make a big deal about “our first steps” as children and in the system of the OTO we all learn steps.  These steps below the altar are a useful and illuminating symbol of our way of going, and the great work.

On The Priesthood

Tau Hermes
October 2013

The structure of our Order is governmental. Through its initiations we progressively learn to better govern ourselves in accordance with the Law of Liberty. Thus we are readied to serve in the governance of the Order itself. As it is written, .
in True Things, all are but images one of another; man is but a map of the universe, and Society is but the same on a larger scale.1

A Magical Pilgrimage

Sr Mistra
October 2013

Sites Tour through the West Country of England, and Northern Ireland and Eire, on a journey of discovery encompassing many historical sites and museums including many forts, tombs, cemeteries and stone circles, dating back to Neolithic times of 5,000 years ago.
I was asked to provide a small article and a few photos of one particular place of interest for this newsletter and decided to focus on the Museum of Witchcraft in England.  The Museum of Witchcraft is located by the magical harbour in Boscastle, on the North coast of Cornwall Between Tintagel and Bude. 

Te Wheiao

August 2013

“Te Wheiao” is a Maori term that describes “a space between the world of darkness and world of light... a transitional or liminal space” – so said my lecturer, Cleve Barlow. This wheiao comes to mind when playing with LA-ShT-AL in Reguli, the wheiao equating to Sht. There is continuous flow from LA to AL, from NO thing to creation, through the liminal space that binds them. And we know from Liber AL that “There is no bond that can unite the divided but love.”

Magick Rhythm Workshop

Fr Battuo
August 2013

Since beginning to acquaint myself with the tree of life and its correspondences, I have been enjoying feeling around for the musical dimensions of its aspects, and thinking about how to add musical layers to ritual and ceremonial work. With this in mind, a quintet of us gathered at my place for some sound exploration.